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June 4th 1997.

‘In the garden:-

dig and sow 4 more rows of French beans
mow back lawn
straw/mulch for strawberries (pine needles? Dunans? bags?)
weeding, watering, weediing

watering,watering, watering

cut forest paths back
build bender benches/bed
dig fire pit

sow chamomile and borage….central patch?

buy carrots/beetroot/winter/spring cabbage/swedes

Projects to be getting along with. 3 Luibs Cottages, Kilmartin, Scotland. 1997.

Bender poles: for bender in the garden. (tarpaulin, burner, palettes)

Palettes: ring friend and make a time to use the van. How many palettes? Cottage and   Dunans.
Floor and ladder to the loft: look in Harcross for suitable flooring?? Rope ladder? Old  slim wooden ladder? Second hand shop in Ardrishaig.

Futon: from Braevallich.

Garden: digging veg. patch over. cut out dead seed heads etc.

Music: with S. and D. practise flute riffs.

Work: look for the necessary part-time employment.

L.E.T.S. scheme. cafe project?

Craft ideas: think practical. printing? leather? knitting? wood/bone?, find ways to use all the gathered stuff!!!). finish patchwork fleece.

Transition to day diary. Buzy. Berlin-London 12/1/95 – Saturday 10th June 1995

(2016) At this point I began keeping hand drawn day diaries…there is little real writing or drawing to share in this scruffy, well worn pocket book. Names and addresses of all connections, painstakingly, copied out into the back of everyone of these ‘book best friend’s that follow. A single-minded, female traveller needs nos. to call. They were precious. A  pretty, far flung lot! I began experimenting with keeping a parallel writing book. The next one in the pile.

This gallery of endless lists will gives a real sense of the type of world I inhabited back then! So many mini adventures recalled. So many tales waiting to be born again.


A nondescript diary. Not much in here….but lots going on! 1995