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Outside is all noise. Luibs caravan, Kilmartin, Scotland. 27th July 1997.

“Outside is all noise.
The dripping roar of rain on leaves and the top of the tin -top caravan. The flick and buzz of flies as they hit the windows panes luring, bright light.
It’s past midnight and my head hurts from premonition and the lack of ability to define.

“In this life so much magik weaving…….?
Oh muse, where have you been?”

REAL TIME……are we arriving there?

Losing the Ego……what happens if ALL people begin to evolve in this direction?

The return of Merlin to Avalon…..(recognition of our true heros/leaders that loose the ego)
Shapeshifting. Animist. Fertility.
(the Felindyrch shape-shifter that murdered the seven sons of Merlin……?)
Merlin vs Pan?
These synchronicities why are they so important and how do they fit together!?”

Unique stability. Braevallich Cottage, Scotland. 1996.

My big fear is that through this, gnostic, self-isolation I will loose the freinds I love so much.

As my attitude changes.

Fear that they will find me boring, ‘unattractive’ when I see them next….or that they will simply forget me.

Fear of becoming my mother…..in that she stands alone telling the rest of the world they are mad.

Fear of loosing the strength to keep moving on….in order to maintain my unique learned stability.


The next door. Nivensknowe Caravan Park, Loanhead, Edinburgh. 1996.

I met my nextdoor neighbour today.

This day.

This day began as any other.

Shutting my soul, tight, to change,

Hurt by the loss of carefree joy,

And the twisted appeals of my mother.

Pulling the end closer.

Its ghouls and shadows,

Preyed on me.

With ghosts like these was I still ‘free’?

Alone with ‘only I know’

I cursed myself to solitude.

And in meeting every stranger,

I brought only, selfish, tales of woe

But my nextdoor neighbour

Told me which way to go.

The sad old men could nothing say

To relieve the pain I felt this day.

This day like any other.

I needed the words of one who knew,

an older woman, a compasisonate mother.


She offered no escape in drink,

No comforting joint was passed to me.

She simply said , repeatedly,


“Head for the light and you’ll be free.”


She’d been where I was now.

But taken the “good with the bad.”

And I could see in her older face

That she’s having the best time she’s ever had.

She’s going to America, to be with her son and family,

It made me think that maybe, one day, that could still be me.

I’m glad to have met this stranger,

Who’s grown older, gracefully.


“Hold your toungue and you will find some, greater, peace of mind.” she said.

It strikes some deeper chord, inside.

I must learn to laugh again and ride

all these undulating changes, that are brought on the tide.

Hold my tongue. Learn not to say.



So I am heading for the light.

I wave goobye to nursing pain.

I’m taking the reins of my life

Into my hands again.

The same “dumb insolence” will aid me

And I hope I will become

As kind and as real as my nextdooor neighbour

And one day help someone.

“Head for the Light”

“Dumb insolence”


Here is the crossroads.


Stop running into despair.

So when younger ‘changlings’ come

They’ll find an older woman there

Who reminds them only to take care and

“Head toward the light.”

Whatever it may be.

“We all go through changes.

Like a sapling to a tree.”


Sometimes over comforting red Nescafe mugs

Full of Nescafe.

I am Kat. Nivensknowe Caravan Park, Loanhead, Edinburgh. 1996.

I am Kat.

I am 27 years old.

I have a degree in Visual and Performing Arts.

I have travelled extensively over the last 5 years.

I live, currently , in a caravan outside Edinburgh.

I have many friends in the city, but, essentially, I live alone.

I feel quite empty and lonely.

Must light my own fire again.

Otherwise it is over.

Or perhaps this is just what winter feels like in the UK.

I had forgotten.

Starry Pants. Nivensknowe Caravan Park, Loanhead, Edinburgh. 1996.

Hiding. Residing. Sliding. On the siding.

Towing behind.

Catch the key.

Set loose in synchronicity.

The talent that saves is out to sea.

Floating. Floating.

The beat hits me between the lungs.

Tight from defensive lies.

I am lonley.

I am unable.

I am depressed.


Grab it.

Let the tension go.

Go. Go.

Go-go dancing.

Arthurian Tarot card reading! Edinburgh. 1996.

“for the twa brothers and I.

the brothers :

GRAIL KNIGHT truth/horse/music/intelligent/high valued man/important message.

crossed by

GRAIL KING antlered/wood/business/lower divinity/responsible/generous/considerate.

how they see me:

WASHER AT THE FORD haggard/mystery/death-rebirth/great change/serious/scholarly/hardworking/new ideas/crow/ancient culture/’man’s head on a plate’ = Salome.

past in our relationship:

EIGHT OF STONES collective/employment/commission/skills

immeidiate future:

SPEAR KNIGHT horse flying forward/spear raised/on the go/attractive/

dissention in his wake/travel/departure.

present selves:

? trouble/pain/ruin/tears


? outnumbered/pushing through/courage against negative tide.

hopes and fears:
? growing awareness, shift to universal consciouness.


GRAIL TEN perfection of human love and friendship/contentment/attainment of heart’s desire.


THE STORY. (another reading)
Born of boredom and dissatisfaction, I am the Grail Maiden. A thoughtful, artistic muse to the seeker. The birth of new ideas.

Created a new gateway and , as the salmon surges upstream toward the moon, I encourage you to pass through to reach the reason you seek.

The Spear Knight came through the gateway I created. Spear raised, surging toward me.

What purpose is there in learning the horror of chaos?

Understanding it is nothing to fear and have the courage to continue.

The key to acheiving connection I desire is to keep a peaceful path in this discordent world.

And what will I discover there?

What will we discover?

One that will teach us balance.”