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Relevant bits from ‘Earth Medicine’ by Kenneth Meadows. 1997.

Copied out into diary from ‘Earth Medicine’ by Kenneth Meadows.


Birthdates: 23 November- 21 December

Earth Influence: Long Nights Time

Wind: West wind

Totem: Grizzly bear

Direction: North West

Elements: Fire with Earth

Elemental clan: Hawk Fire Clan

Function: changing things

Birth animal and totem: Owl

Plant totem: Mistletoe

Mineral totem: Obsidian

Polarity totem: Deer

Affinity colour: Gold

Musical vibration: C sharp

Personality: warm hearted, adventurous, independant

Feelings: warm

Intention: objectivity

Nature: sincere

Positive traits: versatile, adaptable,scrupulous

Negative traits: restless, tactless, boisterous

Sex drive: adventurous

Compatabilities: Falcons and Salmon

Conscious aim: understanding

Sub conscious desire: dertermination

Life Path: Elevation

I ching trigram: Ken. The still mountain. Need for singleness of purpose.

Must cultivate: concentration,optimism, enthusiasm.

Must avoid: over indulgence,exaggeration,greed

Spritual alchemy: when Yin and Yang in balance


Long Nights Time – thoughtful people, capable of seeking things out from the minds of     others. Questioning ‘direction’ – getting a clear sighting of goals.
West Wind – able to cope with change and renewal.
North West – KARMArepeated lessons until they are learnt. Imparting knowledge. Need for firm friendships and close relationships.
OWL – totem of mind, wisdom, sacred science, proud, observant. Drawn to esoteric subjects, ‘secrets’ with caution. Practical reality. Need to vanish if things become too involved (in these times in danger of being misunderstood, hurting themselves.)
OWL EXPRESSION – warm-hearted, jovial, fun-loving, independant outlook, adventurous temprement. Love of the great outdoors. Freedom from confinment and limitation. Freedom of mind and expression, freedom to go where they please, think what they like, say what they feel. Alert minds mean they develop more interests than they can cope with, becoming master of none. Enjoy lengthy conversations and arguments. Enjoy talking about things that interest them, less enthusiastic about other peoples’ interests. Explosive expressions if touched on a raw spot. Boldness and frankness – sometimes seen as insensivity/rudeness. Bitterly sarcastic when hurt. Run away from responsibility. Often this rebounds on them. Corageous. Pioneers/Explorers/Visionaries.
OWL HEALTH – danger spots are waistline, liver, hips and thighs. Excess weight and nervous exhaustion.

MISTLETOE. – medicine for cholera, convulsions, hysteria. Fertility/conception. Magical air. Clinging tendencies. Renewal.

OBSIDIAN – power to sharpen outer and inner vision. Foresight. ‘Apache tears’ – protection from grave sorrow. Balance emotions. Protection from emotional trauma. Powerful meditation tool.

GOLD – higher octave of orange. Love, compassion, realisation. Inspiring and comforting.


BEST MONTHS – 21st March – 19th April/ 22nd July – 21st August/23rd November-21st December.

Deer people make good friends, mentors. (21st – 20th June). Most compatible with Falcon (21st March – 19th April) and Salmon (22nd July – 21st August)