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Easy Exercises for Health & Vitality. John Chitty and Mary Louise Miller. Polarity Press. 1990.

(2016) All copied out into my book. In the days before internet and I did not want to carry books!


(sing while doing them)

HANDS: Shake, loosely, up and down in front of chest. Palms in. Hands down. Shake up                        and down -fingers straight ahead. ‘Roll’ arms in and out.

ARMS: One at a time. Arms out and up. Shake hands. Same time. Tap arms.

CHEST: Arms in front. Fist hitch hike thumb. Thumbs into armpits. Elbows out.

SHOULDER: Roll up towards ears. back and Forward.

HEAD: “La-la-la-la” – nod forward, left and right. Circles with chin. infinity 8 with chin.                    Leaning ear to shoulder/sky. Tap head.

TORSO: Tarzan. Embrace yourself – lean forward.

LEGS: Lift knees. Straighten leg, circle foot one way then the other. Shake out one at a                      time.

FINISH: Standing up. Tap Legs. From feet upward.

R-E-A-C-H out and up,

shake “send out the love”, left and right with the arms.

Stand quietly….


OM’ing’ in a squat.

Massage to ease legs.


‘Five Pointed Star’ Energy exercise. Diagram.