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I bought an old, retired London Hackney Cab. London. 1994.

(2015 – there is very little to go here. Lots of lists and mini-doodles. I can only presume that I was sofa surfing between friend’s squats at the time. There is nothing concerning the whole adventure of buying ‘Millie’, my first Black Cab, from a garage under the arches at King’s Cross, nothing about the madness of my first driving experiences being in the centre of London in a taxi (I discovered that taxi drivers are, in the main, assumed to be very good drivers!) Nothing about the intensity of friendships and our little ‘family’ in North London. Just a lot of lists and notes…..)

I bought a set of imperial spanners.

I had no locks so bought a padlock to chain the two doorhandles together.

We went to court over our squat in Crouch End.

I spent a lot of time in garages and dealing with the documents attached to vehicles.

I learnt all the Black cab centres and specialist breakers and suppliers, back street and shop front.

I fiddled with a lot of male friends in her engine!

I attended quite a few illegal party gatherings all over London. Where I partook of serious hallucinogens and trance danced all night, until the dawn.

I drove to the 1994 International Rainbow Gathering in SLOVENIA (via Ramsgate-Ostend)!!












I drove all the way. ‘Millie’ was my ‘new’ car. She was my baby, I wanted to get used to her rattles and quirks and learn as much as I could about actual driving as well. I was frightened to let anyone else drive in case something happened. I believe that pissed a few folk off too. My gear changes were not always very smooth…I sometimes panicked at strange, foreign roundabouts and stuff.

But we made it! I did it!

In convoy with a beautiful pea green VW camper called ‘Thunder’ and a rough-looking, white Leyland van with a tepee tied on the top. Loaded with fruit and yogurt, dark chocolate, peanut butter, sacks of sprouts and some of the most beautiful folk you could ever dream of spending such an adventure with. My taxi full of alfalfa and two dear friends…

The whole adventure was so full of beauty and wonder. One hundred short stories.

There was sadness too, as it was really the beginning of me loosing the friendship of someone whom I really cared about also….over stupid things….