‘IMPOSSIBLE MISSIONARIES’ The band that almost was…..notes. 3 Luibs Cottages, Kilmartin, Scotland. 1997.

All original tracks, invented in our living room. Keyboards, bass and flute. Lots of ‘button pushing’ and bored bass and flute player ‘cushion butting’! Pages of ‘notes’?!? I can now think of easier ways!

JAH FISH (Amoeba reggae styleee!) 32 beat sections

B flat minor – C sharp, F sharp. sliding semi-tones key changes.

Everything in….fade into it.
Flute solo/freeform stuff.
Sustained section. Guitar chord + legato flute
‘Peer Gynt’ section
Legato solo – wandering.
Twinki bits.
Key Change E flat minor.
Key change back doen. WAH solo.
Musical Preist! into
Key Change

JAMES BROWNIZE. (sychro-riff stylee)

A B flat D-B / E F sharp G A /D B A G-E

twang – beginning.
synchro-riff ….. faster and faster.

B flat > E


B C sharp D E flat E      (Bass: E E flat D C sharp D E flat E)


D G B flat C  (x8) // D G B flat C // (last time) C sharp D C sharp C (x4)
D-F-G ‘ A G F G ‘ F D C D // G B flat G E flat C D E flat E ‘ F A F D B flat C C sharp D E flat G E flat C ‘  A C  F  E flat D // B falt G D ‘ B flat  G C sharp ‘ B flat G C // G B flat G ‘ G B flat F sharp ‘ G B flat F

JAG (Flamenco/Morrocan!)

B minor : B-B b-b B-B b-b B-B b-b C // B-B b-b B-B b-b B-B b-b A
change  G B ‘  G  B flat A   D.C ://


A-A ‘ B-B ‘ A-A ‘ A ‘ E-F into  B etc. E-F

LITTLE CASCADE (Eas a Chaibeal )

F minor



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