Extracts from dreams. Braevallich Cottage, Scotland. 1996.


‘….cliff-hanging village, like Eredine? Wooden, roofless houses. A strange hotel. Rows of wooden, cell-style rooms. Rickety van, full of children. Horrific time on forestry track juction, forestry trucks at high speed. No brakes. Rolling backwards downhill. Survived just. ‘Pakistan’ mixed with Scotland.


‘….wake up in art college. Choosing to stay outside normal accomodation. Buildings were mad. Beautiful benders made out of junk. Old freind was there, joining me on the ‘outside’. He had a beautiful carpet and an incredible crystal sculpture in his bag. Anxiety over him. More extraordinary rooms…’


‘…two enormously fat women battling in a swimming pool…..’


‘…..blood red gallery. Pictures of models stabbed and wounded. Huge prints. Very , very high roof. A spooky artist, elderly, in a suit, sitting on the floor in knee length socks while he introduced the work….’


‘…wedding seen through windows. Rugby shirts and no.1 haircuts. Greek style line dancing. Bride and groom at a huge wooden table. Some strange ritual (rather like a Japanese business presentation!) but the exchange of, partaking of, cornflakes!!! Couteous sort of meeting. “Come and see the balcony!” Bizarre make-up is normal.Older people all…..’


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