‘No-ones Slave’. Song lyrics.

Must have been busking. Handwritten lyrics to another old favorite ‘No-one’s slave‘ also by Theo Simon, originally heard performed by Heathen’s All.

I used to put very much my own twist on these songs.


No-one’s slave I am no-one’s master.

On my grave they will write this after I am gone.

I will be gone.

Then my flesh will return to the earth it grew from.

Breath will return to the air it blew from.


I am through with the shame of my living.

Had my fill of the cruelty and crying.

Earned my keep in the land where the dying deserts grow,

And now I know.

And now I’m looking up with a new perspective.

Listening out for a new directive.

Going home to the land of our mothers.

I will walk with my sisters and brothers.

We will share what is good with each other in our love.

It is a love…

It’s a love that brings you the invitation.

Join me now in my invocation.

Mother Earth I was nearly the end of you,

Please acept my desire to be friends with you

Now I know how much I depend on you for life

You are my life.

You’re the life that grows in this thread I’m weaving,

Life that blows in the air I’m breathing.


I am as strong as as a tree on a mountain.

Full and fresh as a free-flowing fountain.

Bright and clear as the stars beyond counting in the night.

I am the Light….

I’m the Light that shines in a ALL the people.

In my sight every life is equal
No-ones slave, I am no-one’s master

On my grave they will write this after I am gone.

I will be gone.


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