Self portrait. 1995. As others see me??

“She carried a muddy kind of vibe.

Like a mouthful of earth.

Couldn’t help but admire her blunt honesty.

Asexual….yeah, that kind of instinctive, animal, immediacy that you find in an old domestic pet.

She was reliable, an uncanny knack of turning up at the right time.

Always felt the urge to scream at her.

“Lighten up. For God’s sake lighten up!”

She was always there so completely,

But not on a social plane……not in the world of people.

Felt like you’d known her for years.

For someone so solid, she never seemed to stay around for very long.

Thought it kept her young ,

or some such fancy.

Talented girl really – but never seems to produce anything tangible.

That was it….


And yet the most real individual I think I ever met.”


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