So secure in a world I do not provide for myself.
No dependency, on either side.

Is it a wasted life that leans in no direction?

That simply is?

It is a privileged existence that becomes my home.

Opportunity to travel, roam,

Simply waiting for an omen, a destiny.

The only natural law I am breaking is the lack of need for child.

Is that so wild?

If it really was to be – I would have given new life-
But that remains a mystery.

There is no-one who’s needing me.

No employer, no lover, no parent, no child.

Should I seek this out?
I romantically dream ‘Que sera sera.’

And so it is.

There is an idle happiness in all of this.

No mark. No trace that I have ever been.

Yet I can be anybody, only who I seem.

In truth I am a nobody

And I must try to find

Comfort in the only thing that needs me.

My precious mind.

Learn to love myself.


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