Circling the fire.

Circling the fire

Circling the perimeter in half dark

Golden eyes in shadow dark looking in

A wolf’s bark.

Flickering, orange of society’s fire

It is natural to turn toward the light

Few hands reach out to shadow

Yet lovely to stand in half dark looking in

At those clustered around the glow and witness so much love.


It is lonely also.

I have to wear a thicker coat.


(1995 note: Again I sit outside. The sun was shining, so I chose to leave the group and have left the others inside. They need it too!
I do need to exist in the half dark as it defines who we are. An edge of sorts.
I am a friend holding out my hand from the darkness, not to pull you in, but to encourage you to share your loving trust, wider. Always looking out for hands that dare to reach out from the fire. No wish to change perspective…just nice to know you are aware.)


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