Short Film Ideas. Art Video? Berlin, 1994.

“Film at 4CHUNK CLUB?

No direct film. Visual experience to go with the ‘words’.

Restrictions: No access to editing facility. One take!

Dance/ritual? Plan.

Mask work.

Keep it simple.

(original idea to dub performance of face lit from beneath speaking….)

Bag of props to hand.Slide show on the body? Kali-truck as background?
Build set.? The poet?

Play with space… candles? In a cage?

Handling objects and building own cage.

Starting b/w, exploding into colour?

Unity in sound. Sound merging to ‘OM’ bahjan.


Never take full shot of performer. feet/mask/hands/body etc.

Match boxes in ‘OM’ shape/candles.

Play with setting light to match boxes!

Feet dancing in rubbish/earth.

Use a mirror.

“Communication is not enough” Gagged in cage.

Communication and machine. Wrapping the ‘audience’ in wires.

“It doesn’t have to be this way!!”. HUGS ON FILM?”



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