Berlin (i). First impressions. 1994.

Wide roads and concrete.

East side history

Monuments to road workers.

The well-wrapped, pale faced Berliners scurry along almost empty pavements.


Tarmac vs. cobblestones.

Over hanging traffic lights and tin police cars.

The ‘walk now’ green man in East Berlin, wears a hat.

It really is cold.

A concrete ocean set with gems.


037The wagon site is built on polluted land, in the suburbs. Sheltered by a forest it nestles away from the tram lines and road workings, flyovers and blank, flat faces of the buildings here.
The wagons scrabble and blur. Sudden colour and bits of ‘precious’bits, of ‘precious’ bits lie everywhere.

The dogs walk around and play in the icy drag.

The days are never the same in this crazy hideaway.

So cozy in the bauwagon with the burner on and have been invited into his life.

My loving, troll ‘y’, ambling gnome.

It feels special to be invited into his sharing ‘experiment’…we’ll see.”


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