Through the rain to Berlin. The drive.1994.

“Why is it so hard to write when I really should be!? When I am moving so many events happen so quickly it’s impossible to get them down.

Ramsgate journey

From Agate Road with 3 new passengers!

The two Spanish ‘crazies’ with the baby, Luna, Australian Brian and myself…..into Millie and off.

Smoothly through the London traffic, finding our way without knowing how with a quick stop to visit my brother.

My brother lives in a housing estate in Peckham on the top floor.

I think he is very sad, but he doesn’t talk about it.

“Whose he got to show it for”.

He keeps large snails which are breeding too fast.

He does not really go out anymore

“cause the money won’t last..”

He sits and he smokes and listens to his precious records,

thinking darkly and deeply.

I love my brother and feel very sad

as I leave to go adventuring.

He is just staying and trying to heal

His best mates heroine wound.

He says he is going to leave London soon.

He is going to sell his electric guitar!

“Not into it anymore.”

His bashed LandRover sits outside. I wonder what he bought it for.

Andy, changing so fast and quick.
His negativity made me feel sick.

There is such a loving soul in there.

Maybe it is stifled by his fear, or maybe he really does not care

A jot about what could be out there.


So, popped in to see Andy, cups o’ tea and then off again.

Motorway madness and onto continental autobahn…charging through the rain, from dark to light and back again. So cold, not like the summer adventures.

Little 5 month old ,Luna, laughing, soothed by the taxi’s old engine, then screaming when we stopped.

Diesel smelling, caught the splash back from a pump. My passengers shop lifting from the petrol stations, which I was not happy with, but they did not seem to care.
Looking like an angel she stares hard at me and says…

“Irreproach-able….how you say?….irreproachable!”

She is right, it is my old taxi, not the most invisible get away vehicle in Germany!

Dready-beard Aussie Brian drove sometimes and I slept, crumpled between the little Spanish ‘family’ and the pram.

It was the night before full moon.

Endless white lines, rain and red tail lights.

Low visibility, a new fear when changing lanes.

Coming into Berlin.

Completely lost.

U turns and stress factor….of others!

Found my friend’s address….he had moved, new directions….

and then we are here

with a warm cup of loose, herbal tea.

Muesli Ecke, Wulhide, East Berlin.”


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