The whale is turning. (It was more than a dream it was a vision.)1994.


The rising sun burns red

“Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning”

Or so the old folks said

Horizon stretches beyond our imagination

Gravity pulling the seas tight around the earth

Something is rising from the deep

Some ancient yearning

The whale is turning

A momentous tail flips up

And blocks out all the sun

In its wake a silence

For minutes all earth is dark and still

A silence filled with all of memory

Falling on those awake in dreaming

And we are given time for mourning

The whale has gone

The sea is turned to glass

The moments pass


In the distance

Rises a wave

A wave that is  both the end

And the beginning

Yet it has no end or beginning

The whale has turned

A tsunami of ancient balancing

Washing herself clean

And this wave

Begins to heal

What we can’t save

It has begun

We are returning to the sun

She has waited for this moment

For so long

The whale has turned

We must embrace and learn to feel again

Respect earth source

Reinvent the wheel again

So we learn to go with

Not against

Her tides and flows

In tandem with what whale surely knows

We will go







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