Life Lists (in short script). Braevallich, Scotland, 1994.

Wot I forgot today!

Vitamin tablet, chawanprash, big jumper.

Things to remember.

Washing up liquid, collect tomatoes, find out work rota, tell work when I am finishing, postcard to great aunt to tell her when I am coming.

Glasgow? Thermal underwear.

Post parcel to Debgiani.

Millie’s things! (the taxi)

Prints from negs.

Collect couple of beautiful pieces of wood.

(for shop window display)

lichen,autumn leaves, blackberries(a pot full!), mushrooms!?


Lochgilphead Thrift Shop. New Top (must have long sleeves….WARM!)



Postcard to my brother.

KANGEROO MOON. (in Ardrishaig!)

Glasgow to Coatbridge.

Leave Glasgow 2.30ish.

London via Seahouses on Friday the 28th.


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