A few day offs. Ardfern, Scotland. 1994.

“I awake to a grey skied nip in the air. Tidied and tai chi’ed’ followed by soy tea and a smoke. Finished sewing my new, recycled, green and black striped trousers. Dead groovey! A splodge of things, doing things, done. Picked blackberries in the rain, washed my hair with egg and vinegar, got ready to go and went. Flimbled and flambled around, did the day, finished, and arrived at a friend’s for a 3 hour blether and endless coffee, then back in the motor and off to Ardfern and the caravan.

Bodhran lesson and endless smoke.

A drink and a chat in the pub then a late night taxi session, a male mate of mine and me.

Up the hill back to the caravan. Searching, drunk for a light for an hour. Stumbling, fumbling, inventing, dismantling. All an ‘excellent’ lesson. Eventually lighted and happy talking little, little….sleeping.

He snuggled in for “body warmth”.

He went and tried to have sex with me when I was sleeping!! I let him, not too awake was I. Not traumatised, feel a bit dirty tho.

A slow dawn bird singing escape, a hectic drive to work, working tonight too.

The holiday is over.”


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