September 1994. Ardrishaig, Scotland.

“O.K., O.K…..I am happy now. Sitting in peace, in Ardrishaig. Watching the bridge go up and down and waiting for Ronnie Gordon to return with his verdict on my taxi.

My horn works again! TooooooooT! What joy!

My wonderful, French connection and her boyfriend are such incredible people. So wild and fantastic. For the first time I do not feel jealousy of those that appear faster and wilder than I. I have found a balance. I am now aware that, maybe, I could go too fast. Individual lives run in stages, what now is fast time for her, is slow time for me….perhaps.

From now on it’s back to dreamtime. And I mean that.

They swept through my life like a magik tornado….many lessons learnt, but they muddle the issue and distract from my purpose here.

I create during the day.

I do Chi Jung every morning.

I work at night.

I pick mushrooms.

I practise flute.

I make clothes for the market.

I eat healthy food.

I save money.

….and I need some loving. Where to look?

The sexy, Australian ‘Kangaroo Moon’ guys are coming to Ardrishaig next weekend….interesting!?”


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