Natural Hair and Face Treatments, minus chemicals. Braevallich, Scotland. 1994.

Chamomile shampoo.

4 cups boiling water over 5 tablespoons of chamomile flowers.

Steep for 30 mins.


Add 4oz castille soap flakes.


Beat egg and massage into hair.

Leave on for 1/2 hour, then rinse.

2 x per week.

Apple cider vinegar Hair rinse.

2 cups water.

2 tbls applecider vinegar.

Use after ‘washing’, leave on for 5 mins then rinse out thoroughly.

Various herbal rinses.

4 cups boiling water over 2 tbls of your favorite herb.

Steep for 30 mins.

SAGE : conditioner.

FENNEL: conditioner

PARSLEY: dandruff

CHAMOMILE: lightens and promotes growth.

ROSEMARY: darkens, good for oily hair. Nice smell.

NETTLES: dandruff.

Hair tonics.

Diluted lemon juice, massaged into scalp, before shampooing, helps with dandruff.


Mashed avocado…massage in for 5 mins.

Rinse thoroughly.

Facial Tonics.

1/4 cup of boiling water.

3/4 tbls your favourite, fresh, herb /1 tsp if dry.


FENNEL: good for spots.(leaves and seeds)

LEMON BALM: smooths wrinkles.

MINT: astringent.

ROSEMARY: tightens saggy skin.

THYME: astringent, clears acne.

Facial compress.

Take 1 large handful of parsley. Add 1 cup of boiling water. Apply to face as a compress. Opens closed pores.


1 tbls beeswax.

Melt over hot water.

Add 5 tbls olive oil and 1/4 teaspoon alkanet root.

Strain into a glass jar.

Insect repellant:

Take Thiamine 100g daily.

Thrush and Candida Treatments.

Drink apple cider vinegar.

Eat natural pro-biotic yoghurt.

mint/thyme/raspberry leaf/sage teas.


Aduki beans!

Avoid all sugars and dairy (incl. fruit/bread/cheese/milk)

Very strict to achieve relief!!


FENNEL : 1 tsp to 1 cup of boiling water.

Steep for 15 mins.

Strain well.

Makes a good compress.


BORAGE: relieves puffiness around the eyes

Honey, with a little water added rubbed into the skin, then rinsed away.

Cucumber slices, of course!”

(2015 In 1994 we did not have the internet so I often find recipes and little ‘notes’ like this in the diaries.)


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