I walked alone. 1994.

(2015 – I am unsure now whether I wrote this or not! Think this is a friends words copied out into this diary….I vaguely remember writing this out in a dimly lit room, a friend silhouetted against a trees-in-sunlight, rectangle window. She was holding a guitar and it was summer.)

“I walked alone in the forest,

But the dark silence did not hold my fears.

I sat high in the mountains,

But the quiet solitude was not born of loneliness.

I swam deep in the oceans,

But the world that lay beneath did not threaten me.

I floated down the river of madness,

But the rushing waters did not drown my purpose.

I wandered for a year in the desert,

But the heat of the sun did not destroy my body.

I walked through the fires of hell,

But the devil’s flames did not consume me.

Now I wander in the city street

And the greyness of the water is trying to steal my spirit.

I sleep with a need to dream

Colour awakens my soul and

I am alive again.”


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