Rant and Rave. 1994.

Exorcise the chillum in another rant and rave.

Is it our lives we are saving or is it others we must save?

You see, inside this fuzzy mind,

that “wrong way passing” “bags left behind”,

there is an infinitesimal mind.

That is probably the same as yours,

but to me it is new.

That from pure inspiration

Grew and grew and grew.

Found pleasure in this world around,

A crazy kind of life.

Without the crazy ups and downs,

the razor edge of the knife.

It seems to make the balance right,

No need to save, no need to fight,

but just to see another night,

in brave truth and skeleton-like,

A simple life for your delight.

The only problem is the fear,

that sometimes society comes too near,

that soon we cannot quite survive

without the inspiration that keeps us alive.


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