It is good when you really do not have to try. 1994. Vagator, Goa, India.

“For fifteen days I have been living like a queen. In my personal palace.

And the sun beats down on the sun soaked ‘waterfall’ of young Indian guys, on the look out for a glimpse of the ‘tourist’.

It is a surreal existence. No meaning, only to enjoy.

And why not?

There really is no reason not to.

The local people make their wage.

We’ve time to think, to play, play sage

And celebrate this glorious age

of cheap air travel, ticket paid.

Here I walk with visions of youth and beauty, lived them, loved them and came back for more.

Here I am allowed to be forever young.

Silent again in old ways.

Feeling at home in a familiar new place.

My head is thudding with music and chillums.

But any pain is forgotten here.

Riding on innocent vibration and utterly high.

Only the second day here, and again, in a very glossy heaven.


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