Another attack of IBS??? London,1994.

“..describe this pain:-

Main ache seems to be in back. General, but more intense either side of spine, directly under rib cage. Continuous.

Referred pain from stomach??

Stomach constant ache (less acute than in back). V.v.tender and painful when pressed. Places vary, but always starts and persists in a ‘ring’ around navel. Hard ‘pumping heart’ through fingers. Heat directly applied relieves pain (hot bath, hot water bottle). Exercise and movement also appear to alleviate condition. Sitting or lying down gradually become unbearable, hence difficulty sleeping.

Yoga appears to help as do breathing exercises.

No obvious cause.

Immediately prior to symptoms began to give up smoking?

Drank more coffee than usual, then cut it out?

Binged, due to smoking ‘lack’ on sweet things?

Work involves sitting still in cold weather.

This pain is making me nervous about life/direction and going to India again…???”


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