A pep talk. 1994.

“Suffering, but self inflicted.

It’s difficult to just let go.

It is as if everything is just too perfect so I continue to torture myself.

Myself.Self.Selfish. Self pity.

I convince myself that I have some undiagnosed illness. I convince myself that I am ugly, that I am fat and unattractive. I feel so shit with myself…and it happened so suddenly!

And yet….”just like that”…I should be able to forget it. Carry onward and upward.

I am not that bad. There are loads of things going on for me…I HAVE A DREAM LIFE.

Be grateful, enjoy and please stop this crazy hurting of yourself – this mental roller-coaster of self doubt. Grab your confidence and blow with the wind.

Live your destined life. Don’t take on other’s dreams for you! Do your own thing, but gear it toward a respect for others and your environment.

Do not stop playing with the stars!!

Be true to yourself!


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