Manchester. 1993.

Catapulted again into a new yet forgotten realm.

It’s not easy y’know.

A sudden smack as I see him – from India – “Hello”.

“Going to Manchester tonight.”

“Can I come?”

And via the dope den, creative womb of a rambling house to the recognised sprawl of my friend’s incredible ego.

Sometimes gasping for air.

The student chatter

‘Love it’ ‘Done that’

Feeling different somehow.

It’s all in the mind, but I can’t wait to get back to the street.

Shake the hands – fly on connection instead of floating on this beery froth.

Good people one and all.

But they can’t catch me as I fall…..through them.

I miss the strength of self knowledge around me.

I sense it….the void.

Although I dread building castles in the air,

Sometimes there is no room left for them here on the ground.


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