I wonder where the earth is now. 1993.

I wonder where the earth is now.

Surrounded by the palaces of man.

They’ve built them far and they’ve built them high.

There’s little comfort here for a land born eye.

Two angels from this other world descend, from an elevator 25 stories up.

In multi tongues they play their game.

“It’s cool” they twitter. The only birds.

It frightens me, their city for the insane.

I am listening for the earth’s slow turn,

But I cannot hear it here.

It’s just a cardboard city set,

The film that’s shooting greed and fear.

The air you breathe,

The water you are,

The fire’s gone,

The earth’s too far



You’ll see.

(2015 – I remember writing this so vividly. I was coming back from a party in London and at about 4 am (just after dawn) I had to change buses in, what was then, the new, Docklands. The bus stop was practically beneath the Canary Wharf tower. The only people I could see were security guards and the whole place was deadly quiet and surreal. Suddenly two pretty, young (almost definitely rich) girls appeared at the bus stop…they were talking about property and share prices, but playing with language slipping from French into Japanese, into English then German as they spoke, fluidly changing from one to the other. They did not acknowledge me sitting there. They seemed almost alien to me and delighting in their ‘cleverness’….I had never met people like that….they frightened me a little…yet made me feel so wise.)


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