Untarnishing Locket. 1993. Lewis, Scotland.

I’ve found the heartbeat of the land.

I felt it when you found the sand

In your top pocket.

I sang a song about the sea,

In a dingle you and me

Too late to stop it?

We set ourselves loose on a

Blue Moon tide,

Crazier and wilder than a

Fairground ride.

A beautiful bubble

Do we have to pop it?

The earth she turns in

Mysterious ways

And through her we bimbled in a

Feeling haze

And though we will part,

I feel in her heart

We buried a locket.

And in that locket, there’s a piece of you.

And in that locket a piece of me

In her top pocket.

And in that locket a sense of free,

We’ll never stop it.

Lucky enough to have stumbled

On it, deserving or not,

Toss a coin for it.

The bubble’s not bursting, a memory caught it

All buried in time,

The untarnishing locket.


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