A new dairy. 1993. Back in ol’ Blighty.

A new diary. 1993.

(2105) My dairies become more working ‘life’ books. All addresses and contact nos. in the back and never ending lists and plans. They tell their own story!


Bill to Amex.

Make Fimo etc.

Sun 21    Buy T-shirt thing. Festival fair.

Mon 22   eve. Kirsties band.

Tues 23

Wed 24    hairdressing job!

Thurs 25  Chocolate city. Pavement drawing. (T.V.)

Sat 27      Hitch to Lewis.

Sun 28    Ring Miranda.

Mon 29

Tues 30        (once in a blue moon)

Wed 31    Return from Lewis. (crying) Goodbye to so much beauty.”

But for the purposes of this blog I will continue to try and edit,hard, so as to share only the significant pages of poems and doodles and not too much concerning the ins and outs of my private life!! I love these lists. When I reread them I instantly recall, almost, the sights, smells and sounds of that time and place, in my life. There are so many memories hanging on so few words…..


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