Baba Ram Neila (Jungli Gee). Bhagsunag, Dharamsala, India. 1993.

I must have returned to Macleod ganj and Bhagsunag after Kinnaur as this is the last entry in this diary.

This sketch is of the best friend I ever made in India. He is a whole other story to himself. I am for ever grateful that I had the chance to spend so much time with this incredible, one legged baba.

I learnt so much from this man, who lived under a rock he called ‘Mata’ (mother) and who travelled the world by inviting everyone in for a chillum!

Kush raho, Jungli Gee. You are in my thoughts…I sincerely hope you are keeping well. I will never forget your generosity of spirit and life wisdoms!

Baba Ram Neila, Jungli Gee.His eyes were so incredible I had trouble drawing them!!


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