Temples and sketches of Mahadevi and sitting Kinnauri women. Chitkul, Kinnaur, H.P, India. 1993.

Mahadevi sketch. Sitting Kinnauri ladies sketch.

“Funny (odd) mandirs (temples) here. One that is closed all year except for one day, one Buddhist (Boud) with the most horrific depiction of (the) wheel of life. Grotesque snakes being pushed up women by demons, people eating people, strange blue devils, guns and swords, Hieronymous Bosch style, very odd. And Mahadevi’s – the mother of all’s, very beautiful centrally (situated) temple. Sometimes ‘she’ comes out to sit in the sun and men bang cymbals and drums and tell her stories – but more I really cannot fathom just yet!”

“Blanket dresses and Kinnauri caps.The blanket dress is (worn) like a back to front sari. All the folds at the back. (This makes) a great cushion (on the cold stone) and the children sit on it when they are being carried.”


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