Sonay Parik (Beautiful Memories), Kalash, Bumbaret, Pakistan, 1993.

Making a new gosht’ dur

Carrying stones.

The men tree-felling, axe shouldering

Much smoke and three fires

A chestnut stallion,

Sun dappled,

Cantering through

Tall ancient pines.

The sheer rock climbing

Unmelted glacier….sliding dirty snow

Chapped lips.

Children for warmth under one blanket

A low shelter – full of breathing bodies.

Goat droppings in every meal.

Wild strawberries.

Baby donkeys running free.

The speck of a man and his goat herd

On the other side.

Eating snow.

Cold clean water rushing far below.

The baby goats content to lap-sit

Better than a dog.

Slip sliding laughter on the snow melt.

The old twisted rock-leech pines

Dead and dramatic

Couldn’t find the kutsi mushrooms

Filtering the milk through pine fronds.





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