‘Tender,as in raw.’ Sunday 27th December. 1992.

Somehow I flew off somewhere

and we took each other.

I wish I could unravel the mystery

that pulled us together.

Today you only storm my life with

bitter barriers.

Your place taboo, my existence a kind of

tender bumper cars.

That’s tender as in raw, the other kind of tender,

I don’t think you remember.

The ribbons flew for you and now they have been discarded

in a flagrant violation of your wishes.

You danced at me and I felt bullied by you vibe.

You yearn to be good, but never having known that, you look to the colour and the sun

and that is a start.

But don’t forget the masters of disguise who lead you away from me with visual bait.

They are learning slowly.

Look inside first and there you would see the burning brilliance

of your own shadow.

I wish I could leave you alone,

but you slid inside my mind.

You were welcome there my friend and partner.

Now I feel empty without you.

No-one holds your power.

Interconnected, intertwined.

Interconnected, intertwined.


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