Just found a song scribbled in the back of 1991 diary. Written after returning to London 1991.

‘Talking to Strangers’ song by Kat Robertson (circa 1991)

‘Its been a long time since I saw you,

But you rang me and talked to me today.

I felt the years between us

And now I have nothing left to say.


    Just talking to strangers

   Whose faces that I know.

   The old friends are fading,

   It’s time for me to go.

I found an old book in an old box.

I found a made-up song I’d never sung.

I found myself remembering

the friends that stayed when I moved on…



The spirit that holds me will never forget

This slow ache is pulling me on.

Forgotten now, my old friend’s names,

I remember their love in my song.


It’s alone that tempts me

It’s alone than keeps me sane

It’s alone that haunts me

Friends like the moon they wax and wane..

   Chorus.   ‘  


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