Extracts of inspirational writing copied out into the back of this diary. 1992.

“In your life, by living a life that will express in it all you have felt…….you can do it more deliberately in your future….every now and again you’ll find someone, as you’ve found me, to whom you can speak about it: and we’ll carry on your message in our own way. Each will try his best to live the best life ever lived.”

“Yes, but it will be terribly hard.”

“We are drawn together in a way that is utterly sacred. I feel as if our souls are in perfect communion. Though we may not meet again, we’ll always dwell within one another.”

“And life was all music, my whole, all was singing and loving. I could see beauty in the meanest of things.

Though I had an experience which seemed to make me wiser than wise, I felt as innocent as a child. My whole outlook seems just like that of a child….open eyes…freshness, eager curiosity, delight.

I feel like a child wandering about in a great wonder world, longing for someone to talk to, but having no-one to understand her. My friends to me are like dear faithful animals. This makes me very lonely at times, but I am certain there must be others.

I would like everybody to know it in time, but it must only be in the holiest way or it will be misunderstood and irrevocably damaged.

There will be one in the world who understands me. We are now together and will never be parted.”

(Sadly , in these diaries, I give no credit to the author of the above and have no idea now (2014) where these words were copied from.)

Extract from ‘But In Our Lives’ by Francis Younghusband.

“It filled me with a tingling, palpitating life of such fearful intensity I could hardly endure it….

I felt glowing with a kind of heavenly light that had all the purity of fire and I felt both calm and also living at prodigious speed. I was alive as few ever are, intensely, vividly alive. Every faculty at concert pitch….and I seemed to expand to infinite distance till I filled the whole world: in some kind of way I seemed to include the whole world – the whole world seemed included in me.

I felt absolutely myself and, as if I had never seen myself until then. It seemed as if I had been stung to be my real self….I have remained always myself and was never more myself….and my consciousness was increased to an infinite degree.

At a glace I could distinguish good from bad and important from unimportant…

And I was sensitive and responsive as the most delicate compass. I was actually aware of different degrees of good.”




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