30th September 1992. Kalash. Bumbaret. Pakistan.

“Wot a day! So slow to start and now so rewarding! Bo Kalashamun – a journam! So much talking…and understanding!!

Spent 2 hours cutting corn down at Jinger Hotel. Mudjahadin’s. The crook charges me 7x too much for a needle and then I cut his corn! Tomorrow I’ll tackle him!

Tomorrow, besides attacking M.din, I am going to help with the families corn all day. I need a good days work. I offer to work all the time, but the Kalash seem quite happy that I just wander around, their own resident curiosity! I actually think they believe I would not be capable of doing it properly! I’ll show them.

In 3 days I am walking to Rumbur with Zaibar and then the festival. YIPEE!”


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