Working out the Kalash spirituality. 1992.

Notes about the Kalash gods and religion.

Dezeladezow? (Pardegarow?)   –   supreme god?

Dasgorala   –  local Krakal god?

Sachigore   – local Rumbor god? Also means ‘disease’?

Warine       –  local Birer god?

Mahadeu    –  god of health? (very similar to the Hindu word for god)

Balemane    – god of wealth?

Koshuma    – god (dess?) of women?

Jastak        –  god of marriage and the home?

Surizan      – sun god

Hingou      – god of disease and health?

Boot         – EVIL.

It is very difficult to try and piece to together this kind of ‘out of this world’,  theoretical information, as the Kalash have few visual icons that one could point to. I have pieced this together with the help of a visiting anthropologist who believes this to be close to how their spirituality is structured. I do not trust it completely and the Kalash are understandably very secretive concerning their beliefs in the face of this, on going, religious ‘war’ and the, associated, Muslim hatred that is fundamentally based on the evils of having more than one god. Apparently that is worth killing people over!

I do know that there are special rocks/places in the mountains around here that are dedicated to various different gods/goddesses. In times of a specific problem a Kalash man might take a goat to the relevant place and sacrifice it in order to gain the gods favour. They would not do this lightly as the goat is their wealth. various ‘prasad’ or offerings are presented to the gods at particular times.”


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