Starlight only chat with some tourists at the Kalash Hotel, Krakal. 1992.

“The stars here are amazing. There must be some kind of scientific reason as to why, up here, actually physically closer to the stars, the air is so clear.? This spangled, ‘evening dress’ of a sky knocks the hell out the best dressed diva in the West!!

It is the kind of sky you can see galaxies in. A sky which makes you want to believe in a ‘heaven’ up there. And it is not at all static. It moves, twinkles and shoots.

The Kalash mountain sky.

There is some big connection between the Kalash and the sky. Ma baya tried to say something about his name? and the sky and yesterday when I found myself staring up ward from the jeep there was a kind of encouraging? smile and laugh among the Kalash, as if to say ‘You are like us’? Maybe a fanciful imagination. But recently I am working on my instincts pretty much 100% of the time and they seem to be pretty spot on!

The sky here is mind-blowing anyway.”

The sky takes on a kind of added importance as it is always viewed, from the valley floor, jammed between two, towering mountainsides. A slash of sky.


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