Drawing comparisons….the importance of goats. 1992.

Drawing comparisons....the importance of goats. 1992.

When I was talking with some young girls it became apparent that they were fascinated in my drawing. They do not seem to have much of a culture of drawing…they do however use marks with relation to their mysterious spirituality. The ‘goat’ seems hugely important in this (unsurprisingly).
On the left of this photo are the simple drawings they made, with my pen, of goats. I have seen similar representations carved in the wood around sacred spaces. The horns are always over exaggerated and I can see the way they embroider their dresses reflecting this type of design. I love the sticky bits of poo on the bottom of one!
On the right is my hurried example of how I would draw a goat.

goat – bire (male) pie (female)
horn – shing
dog – kuta

The goat is much more like a family pet than either dogs or cats which are (generally) treated like shit, as useless animals.
The goat can sleep in your room (eat and shit also!). Women tend to fuss over the kids – kissing and petting them.
They are incredibly intelligent animals. I would love to have one!


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