Birer Top. Krakal. 1992.

“Birer Top.

A hard climb. Very unfit.

Stone throwing ‘directions’ from an old man.

Glooming forest near the top. Very, very steep.

Strange grey/silver soil.

A joint and a gasp, taking in the perilous beauty around.

A Muslim, whose mother was Kalash wanders up, not at all out of breath!

Shringiree’s baya’s baba’s put! (Shringiree’s brother’s, sister’s son.)

A lovely guy. Hashish and a lot of smiling.

Running down. Sore knees.

Kalash man takes 1 hour to get to the top. I take 3 hours!

Kalash man takes 10 mins to get to the bottom. I take 2 hours!!

Small boys towing logs.

Butting goats.

Spring water and walking along the amazing, Kalash-built, viaduct canals.

Back to ‘ma duri’…. my place (home/room)”


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