Scotland, Braevallich, again. Lists. 1992.

“Possibly the last time I will be here in a while!

In consequence luxuriating in having the time (and place!) to make/do things!

Have re-made my room, re-constructed it, with a proper table and bed. Almost looks like a spare room again.

Lots of ideas for things to make and do….crazy that it all seems to be clothes and I will not be seeing them for years maybe!! Still I adore the fabrics and colours. Clothes my full time hobby.

Black thin leather for the Pakistan silver (for selling.)

Black enamel my bootlace holes, spiral and clip and purse ‘snap’.

Make/design a jacket/poncho from Indian blanket material.

Dye/machine anything that needs revamping.

Make badge out of lino-star.

Make bag for Chinese medicine balls.

Print anything that needs it!

Drawings in charcoal and varnish.

Packing clothes away. Sorting again.

Try and get it all into the loft space…get the trucks from the ‘bat’ty loft.

Sort out what you need for Edinburgh, London, Brighton and Pakistan.”


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