Business ideas. Peshawar. 1992.

” I came here with some vague ideas about business. Buying here and selling at English festivals. I had an instinctive feeling that what I would see in Pakistan would be more to my taste than the ‘tin’ny, over marketed frippery I saw everywhere in India. And that has been true.

The chunky, clumsy silver, the beadwork, the embroidery, the Chitrali hats and coats are ace. There is such style in this country. The tall, Afghani with beard, Chitrali hat and Reeboks has an edge that would look fine in a fashion mag. in the U.K.!!

For me , for some reason, I am really attracted to the beadwork. Solid coloured beads, almost African in boldness of design. There are HUGE neck ‘pieces’…I am not at all sure they would sell, but they could be dismantled into smaller pieces?? Definitely interested in those, the simple crocheted prayer caps (in many colours) and the baskets full of cheap Turkoman rings. Must go to the old city soon to compare prices.”

“Still waiting to know about my flight! If I can change to the 25th I should be able to send for some money to invest…..”

Article cut out of local Peshawar English paper.


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