Lahl Mata Gee. Om Kareshwar, India. 1992.

Lady Sadhu (2016 – Sadhvi ) ?!

The BOM, BOM Red Mata Gee.

“…inside is man…dangerous…” quote Mufte (friend of sari mata gee)

“…achha nain…” (not good) quote Beroo Baba. They also have a personal quarrel?

Lesbianism and Shiva

She was a very interesting character. She lives in a very simple shelter house at the foot of the island near the ligum temple steps. A poor part of the village. She had a very, beautiful, lined face, short hair and wore red coloured robes. SHANTI ASHRAM.
One time I took food up there and stayed all day. Much laughter. Felt very real somehow…..


She tried to kiss me!!! I was prepared, but I hate thefeeling of possibly having been lured into it!

In love with red and women, alone (sanyasi), she treads a sahdu trail.

I wonder what she thinks of Parvatti?

Lahl Mater Gee.

Lahl Mata Gee.

Lahl Mata Gee.




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